AFT (Wound in the Mouth)
It is one of the most common recurrent mouth sores.

What is aphtha?

Aphthae are small superficial ulcers on the tongue, on the soft palate, on the inside of the lips and cheeks. They are very painful and last 5-10 days.

Causes include stress, trauma, local irritants such as acidic foods.

Can aphtha infect someone else?

No. There is no regional spread or transmission to others.


As a treatment, it is by eliminating the discomforting conditions just mentioned and preventing infections. An externally used corticosteroid such as Kenacort-A orabase or drugs such as pyralvex solution are used in the treatment. In addition, if there is excessive pain, it will be useful to put an aspirin on the aphtha/in for a short time (7-10 minutes).