When should I start brushing my teeth?

As soon as the first teeth appear in the mouth, cleaning should begin. Using a clean cheesecloth or gauze; Teeth should be cleaned by wiping after breakfast in the morning and before going to bed at night. Toothbrush use can be started after the baby’s back teeth erupt.

What is the best technique for brushing?

It is very difficult to recommend and implement a technique for brushing teeth in preschool children. The important thing at this age is to give the child the habit of brushing teeth.
When brushing, children often brush the visible or easily accessible surfaces of the teeth. However, microbes accumulate more easily on the interfaces of the teeth or on the chewing surfaces. For this reason, parental control is essential after brushing.
In school-age children, it is recommended to place the brush at the junction of the teeth and gums with an inclination of 45° and rotate the visible surfaces of the teeth, then brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth with back and forth movements.

Which toothbrush should I choose for my child?

Toothbrushes made of soft and nylon bristles, suitable for the child’s mouth size, should be used. Hard brushes are not suitable for use as they will abrade the teeth. Brush bristles should be replaced as soon as they are worn (approximately 6 months).

Which toothpaste and how much should be used in children?

The use of toothpaste is not recommended in infancy and children up to the age of three.
Toothpaste use should be started after the age of three. However, as in the advertisements, not half a finger, but as much as a lentil squeezed on the brush will be enough for brushing.
Any of the fluoride toothpastes can be preferred.
It should not be forgotten that an effective brushing process is more important than paste in the brushing process.

How many times a day should I brush my child’s teeth?

Just three minutes of effective brushing is sufficient in the morning before breakfast and before going to bed at night.