Achieving perfection in functional and aesthetic dentistry has never been a coincidence. Achieving this is achieved by regular systemic diagnosis, communication, correct treatment plan, application and regular control of the applied case. DSD, as the new face of Dentistry, is a concept created to present our valuable profession to our patients in a more humane, more > emotional and artistic way… As a result, there are few things in the world as important as a natural, confident, beautiful smile…

It provides improved communication between team members by serving better visuals. Provides education and motivation of patients. It provides very advanced case presentation and therefore a significant increase in case acceptance rates. DSD includes ethical oral patients, making the patient an assistant designer during restorative procedures and beautifying the smile, and informing the restorative team about the goals of their own treatment along with their wishes and expectations. It provides communication between the patient and the dental specialist with the help of photographs and videos taken with a regular system during the treatment. The experience of this application all over the world is incredible. In order to create a beautiful, confident and natural smile, once the restorative technical requirements are met and the patient’s wishes and emotional needs are combined, excellent results are achieved.

In this period, having a biologically and functionally satisfactory mouth is not enough for patients. The desire of the patients is to have a natural, beautiful smile that is compatible with their physical character, but more importantly, to have a smile that is compatible with their personality. DSD Dentists begin treatment beyond standard dentistry by mastering the factors necessary for a patient’s satisfaction. To be a Digital Smile Designer, besides having a developing and changing artistic perspective, it is necessary to have a group of different talents and features. Each individual design can be shown very clearly and can be developed in line with the ideas of the patients. For this reason, the DSD Concept helps the dentist create a brand new smile by providing an excellent experience, guided by the patient’s own personal characteristics and wishes.