Uzm. Dr. Osman Öztürk

Uzman Doktor Diş Hekimi

exp. Dr. Osman Öztürk was born in 1990 in Mersin / Tarsus. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Mersin, he started his undergraduate education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry. In 2019, he received the title of Gum Diseases and Implantology Specialist by giving his thesis titled "Comparison of the Efficiency of Titanium Platelet-Rich Fibrin (T-PRF) and Connective Tissue Graft in the Treatment of Gingival Recessions". He serves as a founding partner in denthouse Dental Group. During his residency training, in addition to his clinical cases and experiences in the faculty of specialization related to oral surgery and dental implantology; He has increased his professional knowledge and experience by participating in congresses and seminars at home and abroad. Currently, he provides services on the diagnosis and treatment of pink aesthetic and botox patients, as well as dental implantology and periodontology, intensively in denthouse Mecidiyeköy.