Bad breath; it is usually a sign of a problem in the mouth or teeth. If there is no problem in the mouth or teeth, it is necessary to go to a doctor.


Dry mouth (Xerostomia) mouth breathing, some drugs used, some problems in the salivary glands as a result of insufficient production of the salivary glands
Not brushing teeth
caries on teeth
dental calculus
Fungi on the tongue
removable prostheses
Faulty or deformed crown-bridges
Reasons that come to mind if there is no problem in the mouth and teeth
Inflammatory disorders in the respiratory tract
Disturbances in the digestive system
Systemic diseases

What to do to avoid bad breath

Brushing the teeth after eating
Cleaning the mouth with dental floss or pressurized water
brushing the tongue
Cleaning the mouth and throat with anti-microbial mouthwashes
Cleaning the bottom of porcelain bridges with the interface every day
Cleaning removable dentures with a brush
Going to the dentist regularly every 6 months
not smoking