Health Tourism-eski

Medical Tourism stands for the treatment process of patients who wish to travel abroad for a short period of time for their treatments.

Lately, especially in European countries, health services policies have changed and unfortunately dental treatment payments are not covered by social security and this lead people to prefer medical tourism due to the fact that citizens become aware that they can receive better healthcare services at cheaper rates in different countries.

First of all, the patient needs to have a panoramic x-ray of his/her condition and send it to our doctors via e-mail. Then, after reviewing your x-ray, our doctors will prepare a treatment plan that will include your first physical examination which will cover initial diagnosis and long-term treatment planning of your condition. This plan will also provide you financial information and average treatment length of your condition.

The most suitable treatment plan for your condition will be provided along with many alternatives. Then, together we will decide on the best option using a telephone call or via e-mail and give you an appointment. Our doctors will provide you more information on the treatment based on your duration of stay.

For instance, tooth implant application requires a recovery period following the treatment. For that reason, superstructure application of the implanted tooth commences after a recovery period of 2 to 3 months. In this case, initial treatment will last for ca. 1 week and the patient can spend the recovery period in his/her country.

Thus, the treatment you receive in Turkey will be much more economic, even including traveling and accommodation expenses, when compared to European countries.

Since dental structure of each person may differ significantly, we are unable to provide upfront information on the costs and duration of your treatment. In DENTHOUSE, we provide you alternatives and do not proceed with a treatment unless you chose to do so. You will be notified of all the details of your treatment plan drafted in DENTHOUSE. Once you approve it, we will do our best to make you feel home.