What are the causes of crooked teeth?

In childhood, crowding is observed in many children when milk teeth change and permanent teeth begin to appear. With the words “My child’s teeth are crooked”, parents apply to the dentist with great anxiety. The main reason for this situation is heredity. However, some measures that are not taken on time also lead to confusion. The causes of crooked teeth and the precautions to be taken are briefly as follows.

Genetically, it is the presence of factors such as incompatibility between the size of the jaw and the width of the teeth in the child or respiratory tract problems that negatively affect the development of the jaws. The factors that affect the breathing in your child’s nasal passages affect the normal growth of the upper jaw and then the lower jaw, preventing the teeth from being aligned properly. In this case, a specialist dentist should definitely intervene.
Another cause of crooked teeth is the extraction of milk teeth before their normal replacement time. Extraction of treatable primary teeth is extremely wrong with the idea that “a new one will replace it anyway”. Because these teeth protect the place of the permanent teeth that will come under them and prevent crowding. If a primary tooth is pulled out prematurely, the adjacent teeth will slide into the cavity of the extracted tooth. It closes the place where the permanent tooth will come from below. The permanent tooth tries to erupt from the gap it can find or remains embedded. In both cases, the balance of the dental system is disturbed and crowding is observed.
If the cavities seen at the interfaces of the milk teeth are not treated in time, the adjacent teeth slide into the cavity as much as the decayed and lost tooth tissue. This is another reason for confusion. For these reasons, the treatment of caries in milk teeth is extremely important.

Do crooked teeth cause only aesthetic problems?

Proper alignment of the teeth is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. Crowding in the teeth causes cavities, gingival diseases and joint pain as these areas will be difficult to clean.

Can crowding in teeth always be treated?

Crowded teeth can be treated by orthodontists at any age with different treatment methods. However, such treatments are quite expensive. For this reason, it will be the most correct method to go for the treatment of decaying milk teeth rather than extraction, and more importantly, to keep them in the mouth with good oral care.