Hi, I'm

Dt. Osman ÖZTÜRK

I am the Periodontology and Implantology Specialist and co-founder of Denthouse dental clinic.

Dr. Osman Öztürk was born in Mersin/Tarsus in 1990. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Mersin, he started his undergraduate education at Hacettepe Faculty of Dentistry in 2008. In 2019, he received the title of gum diseases and implantology specialist by submitting his thesis titled “Comparison of the clinical efficacy of titanium platelet-rich (t-prf) and connective tissue graft in the treatment of gingival recession”. In the same year, he established his own private practice in Nişantaşı / Istanbul and provided boutique treatment services.

In 2020, together with dentist Sadullah Daştan, he acquired Denthouse oral and dental health center in order to provide a sterile, corporate and multidisciplinary oral and dental health service that increased during the pandemic period and to create a global health brand. For this purpose, it has accelerated its domestic and international growth initiatives by establishing polyclinics in Bodrum and the Netherlands in addition to Istanbul.

During his specialty training, he increases his professional knowledge and experience by participating in domestic and international congresses, seminars and clinical case studies, as well as clinical cases and experiences in the specialization faculty related to oral surgery and dental implantology. Currently, she is working intensively on dental implantology and periodontology, as well as smile design, pink aesthetics and diagnosis and treatment of botox patients in the centers of denthouse dental clinics in Istanbul and Bodrum / Muğla.



Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone of patients who have lost their teeth. . . .

Hollywood Smile

Aesthetic dentistry; dentistry, oral and dental region of the mouth and teeth in terms of health and aesthetics . . .

Periodontology Gum Treatmeants

When these diseases are diagnosed at an early stage, they can be treated easily and successfully . . .

Surgical Applications

Normal tooth extractions, extraction of impacted wisdom and other impacted teeth, root tips . . .